Before and After

#1 Three Sisters

Back ground & Unfinished Canteen Gourds

#2 Three Sisters

Wooden back ground

Wood back ground painted & sealed

#3 Three Sisters

Painted Back ground & unfinished gourds

Three Sisters [ Corn Beans and Squash

Finished Gourd Masks. Embellished with Turquoise, Conchos. Feather and Fur


30 inch people gourd cut and cleaned.

gourd pieces used for horns and arms.


body is woodburned and carved with Southwestern pattern.

round gourd is carved for the face and piece]s of other gourds are used for the flute and horns.


Gourd has been painted with acrylic paints


Squash Blossom Hopi Maiden

Kaya Hopi Maiden (elder sister)

Maska ( Strong Warrior )